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The Biopsychology Colouring Book

yellow background, white brain image, colouring pencils and text: "the biopsychology colouring book"

biopsychology colouring book

Just £12.99

Getting to grips with biopsychology has never been so easy

Learn and revise biopsychologythrough colouring! The Biopsychology Colouring Book covers everything you need to know: from how the collaboration between brain and body impacts our behaviour, to the nervous and sensory systems and how they communicate using neurotransmitters, synapses and pathways.

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pink speech bubbles "A fun and relaxing way to consolidate learning that can be looked back upon with ease as a revision tool!" - Niamh, Psychology Student

pink speech bubbles "A brilliant colouring book with concise, simple summaries that can be picked up and put down when you need to check your knowledge." - Bethan, Psychology student




Biological Psychology 3e by Higgs et al

From £48.99

This book will get your neurons firing… in the best way

Long gone are the hours of staring at endless chunks of text. Biological Psychology 3e turns learning into a multisensory experience: it features animations of complex concepts, high-quality illustrations, podcast recommendations and video links.

With real-life applications, key debates and contemporary research features, it makes applying biopsychology to real-world scenarios second nature.

It will help you:

  • Get to grips with basic brain functions and terminology
  • Put theory into a real-world context and into practice
  • Think critically about theory and research
  • Understand the links between biology and psychology
  • Test your knowledge ahead of assessments





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