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Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics 6th edition 


 Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics, 6th Edition
Andy Field

Revolutionise your statistics teaching with this acclaimed book that seamlessly blends humour with clear, step-by-step guidance. Designed to be a lifeline for learners at all levels, Andy Field's award-winning approach brings statistics and SPSS software to life through his uniquely quirky examples and engaging activities.

Key Features:

  • Engaging and humorous style to make learning statistics enjoyable
  • Comprehensive coverage from foundational theory to advanced topics like regression, factor analysis, and multilevel modelling
  • Flexibility to support students from various disciplines and degree programs
  • Suitable for both classroom instruction and lab-based learning with practical assessments
  • Real-world data analysis exercises to reinforce statistical concepts
  • Identifies and addresses common misconceptions and errors
  • Updated online resources including videos, case studies, datasets, and test banks to enhance project work, data management skills, and writing proficiency
  • Compatibility with all versions of IBM SPSS Statistics©

The online resources provided, such as videos, case studies, datasets, and test banks, are seamlessly integrated into your institution's virtual learning environment or learning management system. This integration empowers educators to tailor content for module preparation, delivery, and assessment, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience for students.





Bayesian Methods of Statistics

Explore probability and statistics from a Bayesian point of view using online resources for support.

Bayesian Methods in Statistics
Mel Slater

Analyzing Social Networks using R

Walks you through every step of doing social network analysis, and explore datasets and worked examples.

Analyzing Social Networks using R
Stephen P. Borgatti, Martin G. Everett, Jeffrey C. Johnson, Filip Agneessens


Adventures in Social Research 11th Edition


Work with Stata codes and datasets, read journal articles, take quizzes, and download lecture slides.

 Adventures in Social Research, 11th Edition
Earl Babbie, William E. Wagner III, Jeanne Zaino

Applied Statistics using Stata 2nd Edition

Work with Stata codes and datasets, read journal articles, take quizzes, and download lecture slides.

Applied Statistics Using Stata, 2nd Edition
Mehmet Mehmetoglu, Tor Georg Jakobsen



R U Ready

Why universities are switching to R for teaching social science
Sage Campus Blog

Statistics, data analysis and data visualisation are a crucial aspect of social science degrees - across disciplines from psychology to political science and across levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate. For higher education institutions, the most popular statistical software package for teaching this aspect of the social sciences has traditionally been IBM’s Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

However, in recent years, digitalization and the explosion of big data has led to demand for data science skills and big data software. We’ve seen new statistical software packages on the block, while others have improved or grown in popularity. Consequently, higher education institutions are realising that SPSS isn’t the only fish in the sea....

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Applied Statistics using R

 Applied Statistics using R
Mehmet Mehmetoglu, Matthias Mittner 



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