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Beyond #MeToo

Beyond #MeToo
Ushering Women’s Era or Just Noise?

  • Tanushree Ghosh - Senior Engineering and Program Manager at Intel Corporation and Founder and Director of Her Rights Inc
Critical Acclaim

November 2021 | 308 pages | SAGE Select
#MeToo, since its inception, has been a sensation. But did the movement die an inconsequential death?

Contrary to popular belief, India has strong legal protections in place for women. However, gender is consistently secondary to class, caste and survival. Therefore, India can’t afford—neither socially nor economically—a non-existent future of #MeToo.

Beyond #MeToo: Ushering Women’s Era or Just Noise? brings together accounts and analyses from around the world, exploring the movement against the broader backdrop of feminism and gender. With its in-depth research, case studies, survivor accounts and expert opinions, this book sheds light on the implication of the movement in the post #MeToo era. Does it truly usher in ‘women’s era’ or do they merely create noise? What are these backlashes against #MeToo and should we be prepared for it? The book proves that gender post #MeToo is a matter of life and death.
Foreword by Dr Pritam Pal
Towards the Culture of Belief
The Fight Before
The Cost
India vs Bharat
The C Word
After MeToo: The Evolution
The All or Nothing Game
The Real Risk
The Path Forward

Although a lot has been written on the topic since the 2018 revelations by Tanushree Dutta, Vinta Nanda and several others, non-fiction books on the topic are hard to find. More importantly, this book goes beyond MeToo and deep into gender today in India. Through an apt mix of interviews, articles and references to Indian culture, delineating the nuances of a woman’s status in the Indian society and the patriarchal system, the book delivers excellent scholarship in a narrative tone which is easy to grasp and hard to put down. Each chapter takes up an important, relevant piece of the puzzle while the chapters, conceptualized in an orderly manner, deliver a seamless denouement. It is one of the most comprehensive and contemporary reads on women’s issues that are out there.

Dr Reicha Tanwar
Director, Centre for Women’s Studies and Development, Kurukshetra University, and Gender Rights Activist

Tanushree Ghosh has given us a remarkable book. At one level, it is a reasoned analysis of how the MeToo moment that grew into a movement has worked out (or not) in India. We see so clearly from her book how all the ways people have created to make themselves different in India—religion, class, caste and tradition (read patriarchy) have made it easy for violence against women to flourish. How difficult it then becomes for women just to be recognized as human beings! At another level, Beyond #MeToo pinpoints the similarities and differences between Indian and worldwide #MeToo movements. The book brings to life a social movement for justice through its gripping stories of courageous women.

Roald Hoffmann
Noble Laureate; Poet; and Chemist

The issue of gender has been ever-pertinent and becomes more so with every passing day for India. A lens that covers the world and time travels into the past, present and future and yet does so in a language that resonates with the everyday reader, distilling academic nuances into simple, summarized facts, is what we desperately need. This book provides that. It is a non-fiction book on such a heavy matter that reads like a can’t-put-down commercial fiction. It is a much-needed must-read.

Anupama Dalmia
multiple Award-winning Blogger; Author; Serial Entrepreneur; Social Influencer; and Karmaveer Chakra Awardee

Tanushree Ghosh’s work is a monumental exercise in reframing the debate around and beyond #MeToo in India as well as America from her vantage point of being familiar with both the cultures. Ghosh gives a masterly account of the movement, its achievements, aspirations and future. It fills a much-needed gap in the scholarship around the subject with women’s voices and experiences from the ground.

Kaveree Bamzai
Author; Senior Journalist, India Today, The Indian Express and The Times of India; and Former Editor, India Today

With a much-needed incisive look at the impact of the #MeToo movement in India, Beyond #MeToo is an important book that analyses the global movement, the upheaval it created in India and the post-#MeToo world.

Kiran Manral
Author and Founder, India Helps

It is brutally honest; I am unable to stop crying.

Sandhya Renukamba
Senior Editor and Community Manager, Women’s Web

The author deals with this complicated topic with clinical precision—presenting facts and viewpoints of experts in the field to substantiate her argument. The book is structured well. Each chapter takes up an important point of the issue, as she goes on to explain it. The chapters have been conceptualized in an orderly manner, moving linearly towards denouement. The author keeps on giving hints about what is to follow and rarely digresses from the thread that is being presented to the reader. There is a nice mix of interviews, articles and references to the Indian culture, delineating the nuances of a woman’s status in the Indian society and how the patriarchal system creates hurdles for the victims wanting a ‘fair deal’. The author has a firm grip on the moral ethos of India as well as that of the Western world and uses this expertise well to portray how these change the equation for women. There are enough evidences of thorough research that the writer has done to understand this complicated situation, and more or less she maintains objectivity in her argument. It is an academic and analytical work, which has some valuable insights on the issue of sexual vulnerability of women in society in general and at workplace in particular. It throws light on certain areas that need to be dealt with if #MeToo has to have a significant impact after it loses the ‘shock and awe’ effect.

Geetu Vaid
Chief Sub-editor, The Tribune

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