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Belmas 2016

BELMAS annual conference 2016
‘Unlocking leadership and management potential in different contexts’

During the BELMAS conference 2016 enjoy free access to selected articles from SAGE Education including the BELMAS journals. 

educational management, administration & leadership Management in Education European Educational Research Journal
Policy Futures in Education Educational Administration Quarterly Journal of Research on Leadership Education Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Management in Education

Using the curriculum vitae in leadership research

Wazerah Bawazeer and Helen M Gunter.

Management in EducationApril 2016vol. 302: pp. 74-78.first published on May 12, 2016.

Leading an effective improvement and development programme for children’s centres

Gill Weston and Mary Tyler.

Management in Education, April 2015; vol. 29, 2: pp. 69-76., first published on March 3, 2015.

The relationship between shared leadership and administrative creativity in Kuwaiti schools

Ahmad Alanezi.

Management in Education April 2016vol. 302: pp. 50-56.first published on May 10, 2016.

Democratic and participatory approaches: Exemplars from early childhood education

Paulette Luff and Rebecca Webster.

Management in Education, October 2014; vol. 28, 4: pp. 138-143.

Towards an analysis of the policies that shape public education: Setting the context for school leadership

Les Bell and Howard Stevenson.

Management in Education, October 2015; vol. 29, 4: pp. 146-150.

Educational Management Administration & Leadership

International Perspectives on Leader Development: Definition and Design

Allan Walker and Philip Hallinger.

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, July 2013; vol. 41, 4: pp. 401-404.

Leading in disadvantaged Zimbabwean school contexts: Female school heads’ experiences of emotional labour

Joyce Zikhali and Juliet Perumal

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, May 2016; vol. 44, 3: pp. 347-362.

Leadership at a local level – Enhancing educational development

Katarina Mårtensson and Torgny Roxå

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, March 2016; vol. 44, 2: pp. 247-262.

Deepening system leadership: Teachers leading from below

Mark Boylan.

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, January 2016; vol. 44, 1: pp. 57-72.

Leadership for quality university teaching: How bottom-up academic insights can inform top-down leadership

Donald E Scott and Shelleyann Scott.

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, May 2016; vol. 44, 3: pp. 511-531.

European Educational Research Journal

Educational reform and modernisation in Europe: The role of national contexts in mediating the new public management

David Hall, Emiliano Grimaldi, Helen M Gunter, Jorunn Møller, Roberto Serpieri, and Guri Skedsmo.

European Educational Research Journal, November 2015; vol.14: pp. 487-507.

Performativity and Professionalism: Irish Primary Principals' Experience of Building Leadership Capacity

Ciaran Sugrue.

European Educational Research Journal, November 2009; vol.8, 3 pp. 372-386.

Policy Futures in Education

Building Cohesive Leadership Development

Lisa Shoaf, Ted Zigler, and Robert Beebe

Policy Futures in Education, June 2013; vol. 11, 3: pp. 256-266.

Education Administration Quarterly

The Impact of Leadership on Student Outcomes: How Successful School Leaders Use Transformational and Instructional Strategies to Make a Difference

Christopher Day, Qing Gu, and Pam Sammons.

Education Adminstration QuartelyA
pril 2016
vol. 522: pp. 221-258.first published on February 9, 2016.

Novice School Principals’ Sense of Ultimate Responsibility: Problems of Practice in Transitioning to the Principal’s Office

James P. Spillane and Linda C. Lee.

Education Adminstration Quartely, August 2014vol. 503: pp. 431-465.first published on October 17, 2013.

Journal of Research on Leadership Education

Effective Preparation Program Features: A Literature Review

Gary M. Crow and Rodney S. Whiteman.

Journal of Research on Leadership EducationApril 2016vol. 111: pp. 120-148.first published on March 3, 2016.

Organizational Theory and Leadership Navigation

S. David Brazer, Sharon D. Kruse, and Sharon Conley

Journal of Research on Leadership EducationDecember 2014vol. 93: pp. 254-272.first published on April 24, 2014.

Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

Team Leadership: It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

Katherine A. Curry.

Journal of Cases in Educational LeadershipJune 2014vol. 172: pp. 20-40.first published on May 7, 2014.

“This Too Shall Pass”: A New Principal’s Experience with School Improvement

James C. Coviello and David E. DeMatthews.

Journal of Cases in Educational LeadershipJune 2016vol. 192: pp. 43-51.first published on May 4, 2016.

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