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Seth, Vijay K

Vijay K Seth Former Professor, International Management Institute and Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi

Vijay K Seth, PhD (Delhi School of Economics), is former Professor at International Management Institute, New Delhi and Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi. He is author of seven books, including The Story of Indian Manufacturing: Encounters with the Mughal and British Empires (1498 -1947), published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017. He has also published around one hundred research papers, chapters in edited books, review articles and book reviews which have appeared in Indian and foreign journals.  He has presented several research papers in India and abroad.  He is the founding editor of Emerging Economy Studies, a journal published by SAGE India.  He has travelled widely across Europe and has trekked in various parts of the Himalayas and the Eastern and Western Ghats of India.