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Victoria Chapman The University of Nottingham, UK

Victoria Chapman (PhD) is a Professor in Neuropharmacology in the School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham.

Her undergraduate and PhD were awarded by University College London. She leads a pain research group, focused on mechanisms of pain in experimental models including models of acute, inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Current research is focused on the peripheral and central mechanisms of osteoarthritis pain. Experimental approaches include pain behaviour, spinal cord electrophysiology and ex vivo analysis of tissues. Collaborative research approaches include the application of fMRI methodology and the development and application of lipidomic mass spectrometry methods for the study of pain mechanisms in a broad range of clinically relevant models. She is currently Deputy Director of the Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre, with responsibility for the preclinical studies and their alignment to major clinical questions within the field. She has published over 90 original articles, successfully supervised over 25 PhD students and held grants from the MRC, Industry, Wellcome Trust and ARUK.