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Faddis, Toni

Toni Osborn Faddis San Diego State University, USA

Dr. Toni Faddis has served as a public-school educator for the past twenty-five years as a teacher, principal, and district leader.  She is also a faculty member of the Educational Leadership Department at San Diego State University, teaching a course on ethical leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills to teachers who aspire to become school principals.


Toni has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a learning leader.  For 13 years she was principal of two schools close to the United States/Mexico border and established strong, collaborative teacher teams that resulted in improved content delivery, greater student achievement, and increased teacher self-efficacy.  As a district leader, Toni coaches and supports aspiring, novice, and veteran administrators. 


Toni’s passion for educational excellence, equity, and ethical school leadership led to doctoral research regarding principal decision-making in border school communities.  The degree, conferred by San Diego State University, marked the end of Toni’s study, but not of her learning journey. Toni looks for something new to learn every day and is committed improving access and outcomes for learners of all ages.