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Susan C. Scrimshaw The Sage Colleges, USA

Susan C. Scrimshaw, PhD, was an editor and author for the first edition of this Handbook.  She is a medical anthropologist who grew up in Guatemala and has worked globally, particularly in Latin America and with Latino and African American populations in the U.S.  She was Dean of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, and President of Russell Sage College.  She was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 1993, and is a Fellow of the American Anthropological Association, the Society for Applied Anthropology and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Her awards include the Margaret Mead Award, the Adam Yarmolinsky Medal, and a Hero of Public Health Gold Medal presented by former President Vicente Fox of Mexico.  Her research includes community participatory research methods, combining qualitative and quantitative research, health disparities, pregnancy outcomes, health communication, and culturally appropriate delivery of health care.