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Spencer, Signe

Signe Spencer Hay Group, Boston

Signe M Spencer is Senior Consultant at HayGroup, in the McClelland Center for Research and Innovation. A graduate in psychology from the University of Chicago, she also studied M.Ed. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard. At HayGroup, Ms. Spencer has worked with clients such as IBM, Tyco, Standard and Poors, BAE Systems, Catholic Health Association, Huawei, Singapore Ministry of Education, Novelis, PepsiCo, Seton Hospitals, Delphi, and many others, developing leadership competency models, a range of implementation strategies and high-stakes assessments. Her work has included all aspects of competency research, including integrating competency findings across a wide variety of jobs and improving methods of competency research, designing and validating competency applications, and providing individual feedback and coaching to executives. In addition, she designs interactive on-line tutorials to teach HayGroup’s motivational and managerial concepts and to facilitate competency development. She is co-author of Competency Assessment Methods (1992) and Competence at Work (1993).