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Seth Grant The University of Edinburgh, UK

Seth Grant holds the Professorial chair of Molecular Neuroscience at Edinburgh, and has held additional appointments including Principal Investigator at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Insitute, the John Cade Visiting Professor at Melbourne University, Honorary Professorship at Cambridge University and elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Science. Seth graduated from the medical school of Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science (Medicine) in Physiology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Before establishing his own laboratory, he studied as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with Douglas Hanahan and with Eric Kandel at Columbia University (Nobel Laureate 2000). Seth pioneered mouse genetic studies of learning and plasticity, synapse proteomics and synapse evolution. His discovery of synaptic proteome complexity and the organisation of multiprotein complexes revealed over one hundred brain diseases are caused by genetic disruption of synapses, and new models of behaviour.