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Sarah Guthrie University of Sussex, UK

Sarah Guthrie is Professor of Developmental Neurobiology and Deputy Head of School at the University of Sussex. Her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences was gained at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, and her PhD in Developmental Neurobiology was obtained at University College London. After postdoctoral studies at Scripps Clinic, San Diego, Sarah moved to King’s College London to study hindbrain segmentation. She remained at King’s to become in the development of the cranial motor nerves, which innervate the muscles of the head and neck. She has made many contributions to our understanding of the development of motor neurons and molecular mechanisms that underlie axon guidance. Recently she has used chick and zebrafish models to map for the first time the development of the ocular motor system, which controls eye movements. Her recent work has used animal models to dissect out the signalling pathways that lead to aberrant nerve wiring and perturbations of eye movements in human congenital strabismus (squint).