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Margolin, Sara

Sara J. Margolin SUNY Brockport, USA

Sara J. Margolin, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree in Cognitive and Sensory Processes with a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Florida in 2007. Since then, she has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Psychology at SUNY Brockport teaching classes in cognitive processes, sensation and perception, research methods, and (of course) the psychology of aging. Her research area emphasizes cognition and aging, specifically how reading processes may change (or in some cases be preserved) with age and the inclusion of negated sentence structure and has been published in journals such as Educational Gerontology and Experimental Aging Research. In her spare time, she loves to read (we aren’t surprised), cook (though this is a skill yet to be perfected), and spend time camping with her husband (the biggest goofball), two sons (mini goofballs), and three very large dogs (fuzzy goofballs).