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Sandra Stone Sundel

Sandra S. Sundel is the president and CEO of Sun Family Care. She was formerly on
the social work faculty at Florida Atlantic University. She was executive director of
family service agencies in Florida and Texas, and also served as executive director of
group homes for adults with developmental disabilities in Texas. She holds an
MSSW from the University of Louisville and a PhD in clinical social work from the
University of Texas at Arlington. She has taught courses in social work practice,
behavior therapy, interpersonal communication, and group work, and has conducted
numerous workshops and seminars. She has consulted with corporations,
government agencies, and nonprofit organizations on organizational behavior
management and interpersonal communication in the workplace. As mental health
consultants to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in
Cyprus, Sandra and Martin designed and implemented a psychosocial rehabilitation
project to foster collaborative relationships between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.