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Yasir, Sameer

Sameer Yasir Former Assistant Professor, Centre for International Relational, Peace and Conflict Studies, Islamic University of Science and Technology, India

Sameer Yasir is an independent researcher and until recently was associated with the Global Campus programme of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He was an assistant professor at the Centre for International Relations (Peace and Conflict Studies) at Islamic University of Science and Technology, where he taught conflict studies for five years and wrote academic and policy papers and was the youngest professor appointed by the university in its history. He is the winner of 2017 best academic article by Oxford Development Studies at Oxford Department of International Development, in the memory of late Professor Sanjaya Lall. His research focus is on armed conflict, rehabilitation of ex-combatants, and counter-insurgency (COIN) and radicalization in South Asia. He worked as Asia Programs Officer at the Information and Resource Center Asian Dialogue Society, Singapore.