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Sabina Leonelli University of Exeter, UK

Sabina Leonelli is Professor in Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Exeter, where she co-directs the Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences and leads the governance strand of the Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Her interdisciplinary research and collaborations focus on the epistemology and governance of scientific data and models, and the role of open science in the global – and highly unequal - research landscape. She is Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and the Académie Internationale de Philosophie de la Science; Editor-in-Chief of History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences; and Associate Editor of the Harvard Data Science Review. She served as expert advisor for national and international agencies and received funding from several public funders including two awards from the European Research Council. Her books include the award-winning Data-Centric Biology: A Philosophical Study (Chicago UP, 2016) and Data Journeys in the Sciences (Springer, 2020, with Niccolo Tempini).