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Roger G. Schroeder University of Minnesota, USA

Roger G. Schroeder holds the Frank A. Donaldson Chair in Operations Management at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and has published over 100 papers in academic journals on the topics of quality management, operations strategy and high performance manufacturing. Professor Schroeder is a leader in empirical research in Operations Management. He is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute and received the Lifetime Scholarship Achievement Award from the Academy of Management, Operations Management Division. In 2005, he received the Dean’s prize for best researcher in the Carlson School of Management and was inducted into the University of Minnesota Academy of Distinguished Teachers. According to ISI, he is the most highly cited scholar in the world in the Operations Management field. Professor Schroeder is the author of the highly regarded textbook entitled: Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases, published by McGraw-Hill.