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Roger A. Wojtkiewicz Ball State University, USA

Roger A. Wojtkiewicz is Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. He spent the first twelve years of his career in the Department of Sociology at Louisiana State University and has since been at Ball State where he served as department chairperson for twelve years.  At LSU, he taught undergraduate statistics and a graduate course in regression modeling in the PhD program.  It was at LSU where he began the development of the ideas contained in the book.  At Ball State, he has taught both the first and second semester courses in the statistics sequence in the master’s program and it is at Ball State where he finalized the ideas contained in the book.  He also uses some of the basic ideas about regression analysis found in the book in the undergraduate statistics course that he teaches each semester. He was trained as a quantitative methodologist in the graduate sociology program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His research approach is quantitative and he uses regression analysis to examine issues in the areas of family demography and educational stratification.