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Robin Wyatt Freelance Social Research Consultant

Dr Robin Wyatt is a freelance social research and evaluation consultant from the United Kingdom, who spreads his time between the UK and India. He has worked not only on international and social development issues, but also on UK social problems and on more political matters in multiple country contexts. His development-related work has concentrated more on gender in recent years, though social exclusion, poverty and governance have also taken up a lot of his attention. During his career to date, he has undertaken assignments for organisations such as the World Bank, the Cabinet Offi ce of the British Government and The Carter Center. His greatest professional passion is fi eld-based research project management and implementation, and he specialises in qualitative research methods. Within this, he is especially adept at sensitive subject fi eld research, such as working with victims and those who stand accused of violent crimes. Robin is a keen independent traveller, trekker and photographer, and when he is not working, one will more than likely fi nd him in some little-explored locale.