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Ratna Vira Artist, Speaker and the Author of the bestselling novels Daughter by Court Order and It’s Not About You

After a successful career where she worked at the CXO level in multinational and leading Indian corporates, Ratna Vira turned to writing fiction in English, with her work highlighting issues of deep social concerns. Her fi rst book, Daughter by Court Order, was a national bestseller, reaching fourth in the Indian fi ction lists in 2014, and it was featured in The New York Times. In the book, she talks boldly about issues of feudalism, patriarchy, and the rights of women. This theme was carried forward into her second book, It’s Not About You, which was in the list of 35 Top Fiction and Non-Fiction Books of 2016. The book is about a single mother dealing with the school and the world when her son is found battered, beaten and bullied at school. Ratna is presently working on her third fi ction book, which again holds up a mirror to the society.

Ratna’s creativity extends to art. She is amongst the few Indian authors who write and paint. She is known for her charcoal paintings and mainly makes faces that express the different facets and stories of life and the world. The eyes in her charcoal paintings speak of the stories within, the struggles and the experiences of the people she draws.

She did her Masters from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and is an alumnus of St Stephen’s College, Delhi. Ratna has been a guest speaker at leading schools and universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, international business schools and has spoken at literature festivals and has also been part of several distinguished panels.