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Sinha, Rajan

Rajan Sinha Mantrana Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Rajan Sinha is the Chief Executive Officer, Mantrana Consulting. He is a PCC-level certified Life and Leadership Coach from Coach For-Life, Inc., USA. Formerly being the Head of Human Resources with many organizations such as HMT, Escorts (including Escorts Heart Institute), Denso India, OCM and so on, Rajan is an adviser, trainer and coach to many corporates and NGOs. He has also facilitated hundreds of workshops and training programmes in India, the Middle East and East Africa. He is one of the renowned psychometric assessors in India with the most international certification.

His other major works have been in the area of design and implementation of HR systems, policy making, team building and so on in India and abroad. He is also doing a fellowship at the Academy of Human Resource Development, Ahmedabad. He is a keen photographer and traveller.