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Peter Rogers University of Bradford, UK

Peter Rogers is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bradford and has been involved in the delivery of the Foundation Degree (Science) Nursing Associate Programme at the University of Bradford since its inception in 2017. Peter acted as deputy programme leader for the original pilot of the programme and continues to be actively involved in its delivery.  Prior to joining the University of Bradford Peter held positions with both within NHS England and the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team, where as Associate Director of Education he was responsible for developing and leading clinical service improvement programmes across the NHS in England and supporting similar development in Wales and Northern Ireland. After the dissolution of the NHS Modernisation Agency, he held a number of consultancy positions supporting change projects ranging from national programmes including CfH and the NHS Integrated Service Improvement Programme to others designed to deliver service improvements at NHS Trust level. Peter is module leader for the final level five module which focuses on improving care quality which includes a significant level of content relating to evidence-based practice.