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Olajide O. Agunloye Augusta University, USA

Dr. Olajide O. Agunloye is a full Professor at Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia, USA. He received his doctorate degree in Education Administration from University of Georgia, USA; Specialist degree in Education Administration from University of West Georgia, USA, and Master of Science degree from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He teaches courses in Education Administration including leadership courses in curriculum development, education finance, resources optimization, instructional efficacy, educational research approaches, and education law. He has published many peer-reviewed journal articles including:

Agunloye, O. O. (2019). Ethics in academic research and scholarship: An elucidation of the principles and applications. Journal of Global Education and Research, 3(2), 168-180.

Agunloye, O. O. (2018). Assessment of self-identified learning outcomes in an online professional program leadership course. International Research in Higher Education, 3 (2), 26-24.