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Nurit Guttman Tel Aviv University, Israel

Nurit Guttman, Ph.D. is Chair of the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Her research focuses on employing participatory approaches to social marketing, ethics in health communication interventions, disseminating rights information to the public, in particular to minority populations, involving citizens in policy issues, and using entertainment programs to advance social issues. She was Head of the Herzog Institute of Media, Politics & Societyat Tel Aviv University, Israel. She received her doctorate from Rutgers University and was a Research Fellow and faculty member at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. She was involved in a nation-wide deliberative initiative on consulting the public on health policy issues and currently in Israel's national health promotion program. She is the author of Public Health Communication Interventions: Values and Ethical Dilemmas (SAGE) and her work has been published in journals including Communication Theory, Bioethics, Health Communication, Journal of Health Communication, Health Expectations, and Accident Analysis and Prevention.