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Mohr-Schroeder, Margaret

Margaret Mohr-Schroeder

Dr. Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, is a Professor of STEM Education and Senior Associate Dean in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky (UK). She received her doctorate in curriculum and instruction specializing in mathematics and science education from Texas A&M University. Since her arrival at UK in 2006, she has been involved in over $17 million in federal and state funding, helping to expand research and broaden participation in STEM Education. She is a coeditor of the first Handbook of Research on STEM Education and coeditor of STEM 2.0. Her
research interests include the transdisciplinary nature of STEM education and how they can be applied to innovative preservice teacher education and K–12 school models. Further, she investigates ways to broaden participation in STEM, especially for underrepresented populations and the effects these mechanisms have on their STEM literacy. Through this work, she has gained perspective on how to create opportunity and access to STEM activities to populations who normally would not have the opportunity and has witnessed and studied the significant impacts these mechanisms have. She is President of School Science and Mathematics Association, the world’s oldest STEM organization.