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Mahendra Lawoti Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Mahendra Lawoti, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. He is the author of Towards a Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society (Sage Publications, 2005, third reprint 2006, Nepali translation 2007), Samabesi Sambidhan Sabha ra Rajyako Punarsamrachan (Inclusive Constituent Assembly and Restructuring of the State) (NISP, 2007), Looking Back, Looking Forward: Centralization, Multiple Conflicts and Democratic State Building in Nepal (Fortcoming, Washington: East West Center) and many articles and book chapters. He is currently revising his dissertation into a book to be titled Exclusion in New Democracies: Nepal in a Comparative Perspective. Professor Lawoti is the President of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies and Non- Resident Associate Fellow of the New York-headquartered Asia Society. His teaching and research interests cover international development, democratization and political institutions, constitutionalism, ethnic politics, social movements and insurgencies, and South Asian politics.