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Bakshi, Lt. Col. Vikram

Lt. Col. Vikram Bakshi Head, Stores & Material Management, EPC with O & M Sites, Power Plant Projects, Thermax Ltd

Lt Col. Vikram Bakshi (Retd) is a freelance writer, blogger, and a certi­ed trainer on best practices in corporates. He has been involved in training, development, and coaching, besides managing large projects. He is an army veteran with 21 years of service in the Indian Army. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy and a post-graduate in mechanical engineering, Lt Col. Bakshi has also successfully completed courses in project management and ERP Oracle. He was a part of some innovative projects in automotive technology, especially in armored tanks, when he was in the army.

He took premature retirement in 2010 to join the corporate project industry. He led a team during the green­eld projects to set up two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Subsequently, he was also involved in the upgradation of a brown ­eld assembly plant where he implemented Lean Six Sigma in SCM processes. His current assignment is streamlining material management at the EPC site of power and solar plants. His work philosophy is forward thinking, inspired planning and relentless execution. He is a lean management and change management specialist. He lectures on leadership, project management, SCM and Lean Six Sigma. He is Six Sigma Black Belt and NDT Level 2 inspector. He has inspired audiences with his talks on disruptive methods and game changing ideas and tools.