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Latha Vijaybaskar a career and leadership coach, facilitator and author

Dr Latha Vijaybaskar, an ICF-certified coach, facilitator and author, catalyses individuals and teams to navigate the conversation side of business.

VITAL Conversations is a result of 10 years of research on conversations as the cornerstone to action. Working with Latha, people learn to build trust, hold difficult conversations, manage conflict, guarantee psychological safety in their interaction and achieve gargantuan performance through collaborative efforts in life and business.

Latha brings along almost 18 years of experience in training and teaching, working across corporate, education and social sectors. She has coached, trained and taught over 2,000 millennial leaders in real estate, IT, financial sector, retail and academia. In colleges, Latha handles subjects related to organizational behaviour, leadership and business communication.

Her approach is based on exhaustive research in positive psychology, organizational communication, appreciative inquiry and coaching conversations. Her accumulated credentials include the ICF-accredited ACC, PhD in management with her thesis on positive organizational communication, MBA, masters in psychology and MPhil in organizational communication. Her first two books, 21 Difficult Conversations: Tools to Navigate Your Most Important Talk and Master Exactly What to Say and Masterstrokes: Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times, are both Amazon bestsellers.

To connect, influence and lead inside the transforming space of a conversation, reach out to Latha at