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Krista E. Van Vleet Bowdoin College, USA

Krista Van Vleet's research focuses on the practices and politics of kinship and gender among Native Andeans in Bolivia. She is particularly interested in how discourses of emotion such as 'love' and 'envy' are mobilized by individuals of different generations and genders, and how these discourses are situated in a changing social, political, and economic context. Her most recent research focuses on narrative and religion and explores the ways Andean Catholics, international missionaries, and evangelical Protestants in Bolivia express divergent conceptions of morality and gendered identity. She is also currently engaged in research on the interrelationships of narrative and non-verbal expression, and is exploring the use of digital video in research and teaching. She teaches courses in Anthropology, some of which are also cross-listed in Latin American Studies, Women's Studies, and Gay and Lesbian Studies.