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Julie McLeod University of Melbourne, Australia

Convenor of the Strategic Research Program: 'Education, Equity and Social Identities' Member of Melbourne Educational Research Institute (MERI) Member of MGSE Equal Opportunity in Education Advisory Committee My research interests lie in interdisciplinary and socio-cultural studies of education, identity, equity/inequality and social change. My research projects and publications encompass theoretical and empirical studies of gender and youth, history and sociology of schooling, curriculum and subjectivity, equity and difference, and feminism and educational reform. I have recently completed a major qualitative longitudinal study of secondary school students and a cross-generational study of culturally marginalised young women. I am currently working on an international comparative study of disenfranchised urban youth and a book on methodologies for researching social, historical and biographical change. I am also beginning a new study on the cultural history of adolescence in Australia, 1930s-1970s