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John R. Culbreth University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA

John Culbreth, PhD, is a leading national trainer in the field of clinical supervsion, who received superior evaluations for his workshops at the WAAODA Conference earlier this year. Dr. Culbreth is an assistant professor and coordinator of the community counseling program in the Department of Counseling at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He received his doctorate in Counseling and Counselor Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1996 and has held teaching positions at Pennsylvania State University and the University of Virginia. As a faculty member and researcher, Dr. Culbreth has specialized in issues of clinical supervision that are unique to the chemical dependency counseling field and the development process for new and experienced clinical supervisors.  Dr. Culbreth's clinical experience includes work in treatment settings as a mental health counselor, chemical dependency treatment counselor, substance abuse prevention counselor, and in the school setting as a student assistance program coordinator and intervention counselor. He holds licenses as a professional counselor and as a chemical addiction specialist in North Carolina and is a Nationally Certified Counselor with Addiction Counselor and Clinical Supervisor pecialty certifications