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Isa S A Baud University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

I.S.A. Baud is Professor of International Development Studies, heading the programme of Livelihoods, Environment and Governance at the University of Amsterdam and vice-president of European Association of Development Institutes (EADI). Her main interests focus on urban environmental management, civil society and new governance networks. Her recent publications include Solid Waste Management and Recycling: Actors, Partnerships and Policies in Hyderabad, India and Nairobi, Kenya (co-edited by Johan Post and Christine Furedy), by Kluwer (now Springer), an article on research partnerships entitled ‘The role of research and knowledge generation in collective action and urban governance: How can researchers act as catalysts?’ (with M.A. Hordijk) in Habitat International (2005) and the article ‘Learning from the South; Placing Governance in International Development Studies’.