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Innocent Chiluwa Covenant University, Nigeria

Innocent Chiluwa is a professor in Language (discourse analysis) and Media/Digital Communications in the Department of Languages and General Studies, Covenant University, OTA, Nigeria. He is a Humboldt scholar and digital expert and visiting Professor in the Department of English, University of Freiburg, Germany. He obtained a PhD in English and Media/Communication studies and is a member of the International Communication Association (ICA), International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and the International Linguistic Association (ILA) among others. His research interests include:

(i)      Discourse analysis and conflict studies; social movement studies; social media and society; cyber civic engagement and political participation, online activism, terrorism and political violence; and

(ii)    Socio-political and cultural discourses in the media and the Internet, including online religion and the discourses of identity. Discourses that show evidence of linguistic violence, language aggression and hate speech are of added interest.

He has researched and published extensively in these areas.

Prof. Chiluwa participated in the UNDP study on the links between social media and youth radicalization in Africa—a RAND Europe research project for the United Nations Development Program (September, 2017). He is currently on the Africa Advisory Committee of the (Facebook) Election Research Commission—co-chaired by Gary King (Harvard) and Nathaniel Persily (Stanford).