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Gerald Hough Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Gerald (Jerry) Hough is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Psychology at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. He received his BS from Purdue University and his MS and PhD from The Ohio State University. He also worked in the lab of Verner Bingman at Bowling Green State University. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on anatomy, animal behavior, research methods, psychopharmacology, cognitive neuroscience, physiology, and learning. He is an elected member of the American Ornithologists Union from his work on sparrows, pigeons, and Hawai’ian ‘amakihi birds. He has served as the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator for Psychology, as the Chair of the IACUC, in curriculum development for the Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, and Negotiator and Vice President 1 of the American Federation of Teachers Local 2373 at Rowan University. His research focus is in the evolutionary and neural bases of spatial and communication behaviors in birds. Gerald; his wife, Kerry; their two sons; and his mother, Carole, live in lovely southern New Jersey.