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George G. Brenkert Georgetown University Medical School

George G. Brenkert is Professor of Business Ethics and Director of the Georgetown Business Ethics Institute.   He is current Editor-in-Chief of Business Ethics Quarterly, the journal of the Society for Business Ethics, of which he is also a past President.

Since 2000, Professor Brenkert has been Director, Georgetown Business Ethics Institute, and is past President, Society for Business Ethics.  Formerly, he was Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee. 

He is author of Marx's Ethics of Freedom (London:  Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983), and Political Freedom (London:  Routledge, 1991).  Professor Brenkert's refereed articles have appeared in numerous journals such as: The Journal of Ethics; Business Ethics Quarterly;and Public Affairs Quarterly. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association, the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, the International Association for Business and Society, the North American Society for Social Philosophy and the Society for Business Ethics.