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Harild, Gale

Gale Harild Centre for Leadership and Learning

Gale Harild is an educational practitioner and Pathway consultant. She is currently an instructional leader for York University. Gale served as curriculum administrator for the York Region District School Board in Ontario where over the past 12 years she provided regional leadership and program/resource development for Experiential Learning models including, but not limited to, cooperative education programming, international programming, service learning, and apprenticeship programs. Working with her Pathway team, Gale initiated and supported the successful start-up of sixty Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) programs across the district. SHSM performance measures for the district met and in some cases exceeded Ministry targets, with program completion rates and credit attainment rates higher than provincial averages. Gale has served on advisory and curriculum writing teams with the Ministry over the course of her career. Prior to her role as a curriculum administrator Gale was a high school teacher for 22 years. Her position as department head for Cooperative Education took her work into elementary schools and post-secondary destinations.  Collaborating with community and industry sector partners, as well as post-secondary institutions, she has helped build and support pathways for all students by deepening the understanding of the interconnectedness between the curriculum and the work habits/essential skills that make up the profile of the Literate Graduate for the 21st century. Gale is committed to ensuring quality instruction so that every pathway leads to an opportunity. Visit Gale at Linkedin.