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Dora G. Lodwick REFT Institute, Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Dora G. Lodwick founded the REFT Institute, Inc., which focuses on research, evaluation, facilitation and training, in 1997. Dora has evaluated programs and other initiatives in the areas of participatory, community-based development, leadership development, health, immigrants and refugees, aging, and environmental impacts and published in several of those areas for over 20 years. She has worked extensively in Latin America and speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

She has been a university professor for 15 years at Miami University of Ohio, Oregon State University, and University of Denver where she established the Applied Social Research and Evaluation MA. She has served the Society for Applied Sociology (SAS) as President, Board Member, and in other capacities, as well representing SAS on the Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology. She has also held leadership positions in the American Sociological Association.