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Daya Krishna was one prolific Philosopher and contributor to South Asian Studies

Daya Krishna (1924–2007) was one of the most original minds of contemporary India. He served as pro–Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University, and was a trailblazer in juxtaposing Indian and Western philosophies and opening up new vistas of thought. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indian Council for Philosophical Research.

An interdisciplinary thinker and a prolific writer, Daya Krishna has authored numerous works, a partial list of which includes Prolegomena to Any Future Historiography of Culture and Civilizations (2005); Developments in Indian Philosophy from the Eighteenth Century Onwards (2001); New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy (2000); Bhakti: A Contemporary Discussion (2000); History, Culture and Truth (1999); The Problematic and Conceptual Structure of Classical Indian Thought about Man, Society and Polity (1996); Indian Philosophy: A Counter Perspective (1991, 1996,2006).