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David J. Pauleen Massey University, New Zealand

David Pauleen

David J. Pauleen (PhD) is professor of Technology Management at Massey University, New Zealand. His current research revolves around wisdom in management, personal knowledge management, knowledge management, cross-cultural management, emerging work practices, and virtual team leadership dynamics, communication and technology.  His work has appeared in numerous top journals including: Information Systems Journal (2018), Decision Sciences Journal (2018), Journal of Business Ethics (2019, 2013), Journal of Management Information Systems (2003-04), and Journal of Information Technology (2001).  He is editor of the book, Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Knowledge Management (2007), and co-editor of Personal Knowledge Management: Individual, Organizational and Social Perspectives (2010) and the Handbook of Practical Wisdom: Leadership, Organization and Integral Business Practice (2013). He has co-authored the book, Wisdom, Analytics and Wicked Problems: integral decision-making in the information age (2019). and is the co-editor of the Routledge Practical Wisdom in Leadership and Organization Series.