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Claudia L. Hale Ohio University, USA

Claudia L. Hale (Ph.D. & M.A. [speech communication], University of Illinois; B.S., Texas Tech University) does research and teaches in the areas of interpersonal communication competence, conflict management, dispute mediation, negotiation, and intercultural communication. Before coming to Ohio, she taught and held chair positions at: Iowa State, Northern Colorado, Denver, and Eastern Illinois. She is or has been a member of the following journal editorial boards: Communication Education; Communication Monographs; Western Journal of Speech communication; International Journal of Conflict Management; Journal of Language and Social Psychology; Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; and Management Communication Quarterly. She is widely published in journals, has contributed various book chapters, and presents at numerous conferences/conventions.


[NOTE: Hale is well established in the discipline and this will be her first textbook; she has been recommended as an author prospect by key people in the discipline (e.g., Julia Wood; Bill Eadie; Kathy Miller). She and I are also discussing her writing two more texts—one on advanced interpersonal./relational communication and one on children’s conflict. Wadsworth is hot after her as well.]