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Walia, Chetan

Chetan Walia CEO of C. School and BeOne Foundation, and Associate Professor for Innovation and Leadership at University of Bradford, UK

Chetan Walia delivers the combined value of an experienced global business strategist, senior advisor and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms and global family-owned businesses on how to build and manage strong, global brands as well as leadership of high-performing, marketing-oriented businesses in a hyper-connected and fast-paced, digitalized world.

He has almost 25 years of experience working strategically with businesses and with the C-suite. He is also a research scholar and publishes in various academic journals and conferences. He is pioneering the academic development of the creative strategic perspective.

Chetan has published books about strategy, leadership, breakthroughs, success and growth.

In various other avatars of life, he is or has been a photographer, entrepreneur, restaurateur, copywriter, graphic designer, publisher, academic researcher and mediator.