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Caroline R. Pryor Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Caroline R. Pryor is Assistant Professor and Regents Fellow in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture, at Texas A&M University, College Station. In 2003 she was selected as a Wye Fellow of The Aspen Institute <http://www.>.  She holds a doctorate in Secondary   Education from Arizona State University. Her postdoctoral work at Arizona State University concerned the development of a citywide field-based preservice teacher education program, including staff development for princi-pals and mentor teachers. She holds teaching credentials in grades K–9, is a former elementary school teacher, and was the director of an English as a Second Language program. Her books include Philosophy of Education Workbook: Writing a Statement of Beliefs and Practices (2002), Democratic Practice Workbook: Activities for the Field Experience (2000), and Writing a Philosophy Statement: An Educator’s Workbook (2004), all published by McGraw-Hill; as well as The Mission of the Scholar: Research and Perspectives, published by Peter Lang (2002).  Currently, her research focuses on democratic classroom discourse strategies, and applying the model to study preser-vice and mentor teachers’ intentions to implement democratic practice. She has also applied aspects of the model in grant project evaluations (e.g., Pryor & Kang, 2003). She teaches graduate courses in curriculum theory and development. In a career that spans 25 years of teaching, she has worked extensively with principals and teachers in field-based, preservice programs building alliances for school reform.