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Brian Francis Lancaster University, UK

Brian Francis has over 30 years of experience of statistical consultancy and applied statistical research with over 140 research papers and seven co-authored books. His statistical interests are in statistical modeling, latent variable models, the analysis of ranked data, data visualization, case-control studies and statistical computing, with applications in the social sciences, medicine and local government finance.

He has worked extensively in criminology, developing analytic approaches for research problems, particularly in the areas of criminal careers and crime seriousness and escalation. Other interests include the development of web-based teaching resources for the training of social scientists.

He is a Chartered Statistician (C. Stat.) and a past member of the Statistical Computing section of the Royal Statistical Society and RSS Council). He is an associate editor of the journal of Quantitative Criminology and the European Journal of Criminology and past associate editor of the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, and Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

He is currently Director of the Lancaster-Warwick-Stirling node of the ESRC-funded National Centre for Research Methods, with a research focus on statistical models for developmental change. He is a member of the ESRC Evaluation Committee and is a member of the Home Office advisory sub-committee on surveys, design and statistics.