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Larsson, Bosse

Bosse Larsson

Bosse Larsson is a Swedish teacher, trainer and concept developer. He has extensive experience developing creative thinking and learning with primary and secondary students, and is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader.


He started working as a science teacher more than thirty years ago and has for over a decade been supporting secondary school dropouts and students with special educational needs.


Responding to many requests to share his ideas, Bosse began his own educational consultancy in 2007 ( He is also a long-time consultant for Challenging Learning. Through this work, he aims to broaden, break and change thought-patterns about education, organisation and leadership.  He still works part–time in local schools where he collaborates with teams in action learning cycles and individual teachers through lesson planning and giving feedback after lesson observations.


Bosse has given presentations, keynotes and led workshops both nationally and internationally, and has worked with staff training from pre-school to further education. The main themes of his work focus on creativity, future skills, thinking habits, thinking tools, Dweck’s mindset, metacognition, motivation and feedback.