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Kingore, Bertie

Bertie Kingore Education Consultant

Dr. Kingore is an international consultant and the author of twenty-two books, numerous articles, and instructional aids. She has received many honors including the Legacy Award as the Author of the 2005 Educator Book of the Year and the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of North Texas where she earned her Ph.D. She was also the first recipient of the Texas Gifted Educator of the Year Award.

Bertie works with teachers and models instruction in classrooms all over the globe. She is recognized for her child-centered approach and her ability to seamlessly weave research into practice. She advocates learning experiences that respond to the marvelous diversity of children, encourage high-level responses and high achievement, and minimize the intensity of teacher preparation time.

She fell in love with children and the values of portfolios her first year of teaching over 30 years ago. She delights in helping other teachers make authentic assessment realistic.