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Barbara Reider

Barbara Reider has been a dedicated educator for over 30 years, gaining a multitude of experience in classroom management and continually striving to capture the many motivations that drive behavior.

She is the author of two previous books for teachers and parents: A HOORAY KIND OF KID… A Child’s Self-Esteem And How To Build It, and NOTES IN THE LUNCHBOX, How To Help Your Child Succeed At School. A motivating speaker for numerous school districts, education conferences and parent groups, she has presented workshops throughout the country. In addition, Barbara has conducted seven annual speaking tours for educators in Denmark.

Noted for her interest in her fellow teachers and their empowerment, Barbara has produced a video, "Building Confident Kids," for use in staff development programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her books and videos are also published and produced in Denmark.

She is a child advocate who has dedicated her professional career to helping children who are failing, either academically or socially, and to improving classroom management skills in teachers. Barbara transforms theory into workable techniques, bringing information, inspiration and humor to her readers.