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Bala Phani Chand Medicharla Senior Manager in a technology leadership role at Tata Consultancy Services, Sweden

Phani Medicharla is an avid writer (storyteller and poet) in the world of technology consulting. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and works as a relationship manager, heading a large technology function for TCS. Phani has international exposure working in geographies such as—APAC, North America and Europe—working with several global customers in multiple business domains. In his long career, he has performed several roles, led diverse multicultural teams and interacted with great leaders.

Phani is a keen observer of the day-to-day workplace interactions and an advocate of experiential learning. He strongly believes that appreciating diversity and inspiring the latent potential in each other with empathy, are the only ways to succeed collectively and deliver sustainable value in any
profession. What motivates him the most in the workplace is the opportunity to cultivate a cheerful and embracing environment which promotes holistic growth for everyone. A vegan by choice, Phani believes in a higher purpose for life and that technology/business should be conducted with an ‘ethics
first’ attitude.

To share your experiences and adventures of conscientiousness, please connect with Phani at