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Thombre, Avinash

Avinash Thombre University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Avinash Thombre is Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He has taught a wide variety of communication courses at the undergraduate and graduate level ranging from Introduction to Communication, Public Speaking, Mass Media Theories to Intercultural Communication and Communication and Social Change. He obtained his doctoral degree in speech communication at the University of New Mexico. He obtained his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Bangalore University and worked as a journalist with the Times of India and Newstime, Hyderabad. A native of Pune, he conducts research in intercultural communication, health and cancer communication, as well as effects of new technologies on communication. His research is published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Health Communication, Gazette, Southern Communication Journal, Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture, Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication. In addition, he has authored eight book chapters. In his spare time, he undertakes diffusion of positive communication and preventive health messages to marginalized groups with a group of like-minded friends riding bicycles.