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Arthur A. Sackrule Trainer and Coach at Educational Services, Milan, Italy

Arthur A. Sackrule was born in Trinidad in 1948. He graduated in philosophy from the University of Cambridge, England, in the days when the presence of greats like Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein was still felt. He specialized in logic, thereby uniting two worlds—the humanistic and the mathematical–scientific. He was later drawn towards the field of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and, subsequently, graduated from the NLP University in California as a certified trainer in NLP.

His background draws upon diverse schools of thought, which include the approaches of Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner; the psychodrama school of Jacob Moreno; the approach towards autonomy, responsibility and awareness of Caleb Gattegno; the psycho-synthesis approach of Roberto Assagioli; not to mention the eclectic and ecological approach of Gregory Bateson. His work is also based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Arthur’s main interests are within the great wisdom and mystic traditions both from the East and the West, which he weaves into intricate patterns of great beauty and appeal. His main focus is that of unravelling and enabling others to unravel the puzzles and mysteries of life, whether personal or professional, as they present themselves in their most beautiful as well as most challenging aspects.

Arthur has over 30 years of holistic experience as a trainer and coach in the educational, business and therapeutic fields, to which he brings his vast expertise and care. His personal mission is to facilitate the inner harmony that allows every human being to participate fully and move with confidence in the great daily drama in which we are all called to participate.

As a trainer, he is a charismatic person who, in addition to facilitating learning and change, inspires others to evolve. He has the gift of being able to intersperse gems of inspiration in his training sessions to illuminate others to find their own path towards excellence. In the role of business executive coach and life coach, his compassion and humility allow him to free up the person’s resources so that they can achieve their goals more efficiently and more effectively. He is a role model for others to walk their talk.

He works both with individuals and with well-known local and international companies, especially at board levels.

Arthur considers himself an eternal student of human nature, and never tires of refining and updating his approach towards his work and life. He enjoys walking in nature, which he regards as an extraordinary learning experience and which gives him a deep sense of belonging with the universe.

Arthur founded Educational Services in 1986 to offer the most exquisite form of training.

He has been living in Italy since 1970.