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Angela Last University of Glasgow, UK

Angela Last is a research associate at the University of Glasgow where she works at the intersection of geography and art. Her research can be divided into two overlapping themes: materialism and institutional critique. As part of the first strand, she has undertaken theoretical and practical experiments with ‘invisible’ environmental risk and feminist/postcolonial geopolitics. In particular, she seeks to bring together elements of historical and new materialism through anti-colonial and anti-totalitarian interwar materialisms, including artistic experiments of that period. As part of the second strand, she has become interested in public responses to institutional disenfranchisement that manifest themselves in the form of ‘parallel institutions’. Here, she is looking at contemporary as well as past examples, such as alternative hospitals, disaster reliefs and art institutions. Angela is a founding member of the RGS-IBG Race, Culture & Equality working group and is an associate editor at Global Social Theory. Beyond academia, she is a musician and regular contributor to Curved Radio, as a music and geography correspondent.