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Anders Björkvall Örebro University, Sweden

Anders Björkvall is Professor of Swedish at Örebro University. His main research interests are multimodality, textual, genre and discourse analysis and literacy in children and young people, often focusing on how digital and analogue technologies and artefacts interact. In recent years, he has been interested in texts and genres in organisations and in 2016–2019 he worked on a project on state values texts, A New Genre and Its Archaeology: The Values of Swedish Authorities, which was funded by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences. He runs the STINT-funded project Multimodal text and pedagogies in higher education, a collaboration with the University of Cape Town within the framework of the South Africa–Sweden Bilateral Scientific Research Cooperation. Anders is the project manager for the national graduate school Multimodality and Intermediality: Research in the Humanities in a Digital World (MIDvärld), funded by the Swedish Research Council. He is also editor of the journal Multimodality & Society (Sage).

Anders is interested in collaboration issues, and in 2020-2022 he was scientific director of RUC – Regional Development Centre at Örebro University.